Welcome to the customer area dedicated to the trustee at Cabinet Patrimoine Syndic & Gestion. Tired of your syndic? You find that the management of your building is complicated, not reactive enough and you do not understand anything? Don't panic, we are here to help you. Being a co-owner is not a job. The management of co-ownership must be simple, transparent and effective. Welcome to our home! Change your syndic for the professionalism of Cabinet Patrimoine Syndic & Gestion. We guarantee you : More reactivity and availability:
  • Fast and efficient communication. By phone at 01 43 50 35 21 by email or by whatsapp, these are the safest ways to communicate with your Syndic.
  • Your trustee receives your calls and messages instantly and undertakes to answer you within 24 hours.
  • Fewer intermediaries, fewer constraints. Local, simple and concerted management.
  • 24/7 assistance. A last minute emergency? An emergency? We are committed to being as efficient as possible with our service providers.
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More transparency and savings:
  • Take advantage of your online space to follow in real time the progress of your contracts, your accounts and the files of the co-ownership.
  • All the accounting of your building is at your disposal. For each expense, the invoice that goes with it. 0% opacity, 100% transparency.
  • For the syndicate council, a real time access to the bank account of the co-ownership.
  • Provision of a Great Book and a general register of expenses to the union council for optimal transparency. All updates are done in real time.
  • Here are our fees 13€/month/lot* : For a better management and an irreproachable transparency: they are fixed!
  • 30% savings on average on charges thanks to our Arthurimmo.com network via our service providers and up to 50% on management fees.
  • Review of all charges and re-competition of contracts if necessary. We want the best rates for your condominium. The quality/price ratio is therefore a priority.
More flexibility thanks to our digital tools:
  • Choose where your general assembly will be held! At your place ? at our place ? or both ? It's up to you!
  • Take advantage of all our digital tools to allow a 100% digital GA in real time.
  • general assembly possible in our premises for 10-15 people
Our trustee contract :
  • No surprises, in accordance with the laws in force. The fees of the trustee are exposed in a very clear way and justified with systematically a sheet annexed with all our tariffs.
* see conditions in agency